The SBP Insights division is led by Ben Manning. Ben and our team have delivered market research projects across a broad range of organisations in Australia, covering consumer and stakeholder perspectives.

Whilst research tells our clients what the outcomes are, we go further to tell our clients what to make of those outcomes and what needs to change – and we turn these findings into practical recommendations and advice.

In addition to customised research projects, we have a number of proprietary research products which address common problems such as how to improve the customer experiences; how to increase or retain customers; how to measure performance, identify new markets and opportunities; and how to successfully implement or improve new products and services.

Our insights services

  • Customer¬†experience
  • Segmentation and mapping
  • Customer value proposition
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Product research
  • Supply and demand modelling
  • Industry trend analysis

Recent Insights Projects

National Research Project

Community Facility Supply and Demand

Customer Excellence

Brand and Commercial Research

Market Size Analysis

Event Growth Research